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Young Photographer's Photo Album

Exploring photography is easy and accessible to almost everyone these days!  Why not encourage your kids to spark up an interest now?  We love this activity because it encourages kids to go outside and explore, to see things through a…

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Squirt Gun Spray Painting

Young kids have such fantastic creative energy!  Putting together some of their favorite things to create art is thrilling for them.  In this case it's water guns, painting, playing outside and making a giant mess!  My toddler and I set…

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Bubble Art

How many of you have wee ones who love blowing and chasing bubbles? Now, how many of you container after container of bubbles?? Yep, I'm raising my hand too. 

There is something very magical about bubbles, and bubble painting…

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Glass Bead Sun Catcher Wind Chime

A glass bead sun catcher and wind chime is a fun and festive addition to any yard or porch.  While it takes some time and patience to create, the final product is well worth it.  We recommend this project for…

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Rock Painting 101

If you haven’t heard of them, kindness rocks are a growing trend! Maybe you’ve seen a painted rock laying around in Hammond – that’s quite possibly a kindness rock. 

It started with the Kindness Rocks Project and their…

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